Nature and Tranquility

It may be a recreation area, but the natural countryside is very close by. Nature thrives throughout the area. At Oostvoorne, at the tip of the island, lies the unique Voorne’s dune. Due to the direct influence of the sea, there are plants growing in this nature reserve that are not found in the rest of Europe. Rockanje has the Quackjeswater, a beautiful lake in amongst the dunes with spoonbill and cormorant colonies, together with its own unique flora and fauna. Along the Haringvliet, the salt marshes and mud flats have their own natural value, and there are countless places in the polder landscape where nature continues to reign.

There are lots of cultural facilities and activities in the surrounding area. Brielle and Hellevoetsluis are two unique fortified towns. They have numerous impressive historical monuments, museums, galleries and pleasant café terraces where you can sit and enjoy the attractive surroundings. The many villages on the island have managed to preserve their unique, authentic centres, and towns like Dordrecht, Delft, Zierikzee and Middelburg are definite recommendations for a cultural day trip.